Webex Goes to Space

Leaving Earth without leaving home behind.

Webex Goes to Space Hero


This fall will mark the beginning of NASA’s Artemis missions, a multiphase initiative that will see humans set foot on the Moon again to establish a base from which we can launch missions to Mars.

Such an ambitious goal requires pushing the boundaries of what is technologically possible across many fields, including communication. As part of Artemis I, Webex will conduct tests to extend the limits of deep space video collaboration.


Communicating with Earth in HD quality.

Conversing in deep space presents challenges. The Orion craft will be over 240,000 miles away, more than 1000 times further than the International Space Station, and that distance provides obstacles related to latency, interference and bandwidth limits.

If successful, Webex’s technology will allow astronauts to communicate with Earth in HD quality. To bring that vision to life, AKQA created a film showing a girl video calling her mother onboard a future Artemis mission, showing that while astronauts may be leaving Earth, they don’t need to leave home behind.

Webex Goes to Space - Girl


Houston, we have a connection.

While the missions are just getting started, the hope is that meaningful video communication will allow astronauts to stay better connected. Smooth connections to mission control and loved ones back home will provide emotional support on their voyage.

“I am so humbled, proud, and thrilled for Cisco to play a small part in this amazing once in a lifetime historic mission. With Webex we have the opportunity to transform communication with space and let all of humanity experience the wonder of exploration and discovery. All of this is the result of the hard work and dedication from a deeply passionate team.”

Aruna Ravichandran, Senior Vice Partner and CMO SaaS at Cisco