AMOSTYLE by Triumph

Live out your own Kawaii

Empowering women to be their authentic selves.

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For a long time, Kawaii or cuteness, has been a stereotype for women.

AMOSTYLE by Triumph is democratising this age-old term with the message that if there are 64 million women in Japan, there must be 64 million types of Kawaii.


Kawaii in your own way.

A diverse cast of women follow their passions, diminish stereotypes, and craft their paths in life, from gamers to bikers to surfers and mothers, all unapologetically Kawaii in their own way.

The film encourages women to have the confidence to live life however they want in their individual style. The diverse scenes and cast removes the pressures of having to look or feel a certain way to be accepted in society, supporting viewers to be their true selves.

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AMOSTYLE by Triumph returns to its roots, inspiring confidence.

The lingerie market is a competitive category filled with similar products and messaging. The film redefines AMOSTYLE, who it is and what it stands for as a champion for women to boost their confidence, differentiating itself and appealing to a broader audience.