The Awakening in Dance

An experience in motion.

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Every Black woman is a precious stone, ready to present their energetic power.

The Black Tourmaline stone is often rejected for its colour and shape, it can be viewed as a symbol of the history of Black women and aligns with their experiences.

We believe that every Black woman is a tourmaline; we need to realise that. It is not easy to find our power, but projects like ours are tools of change and amplify the voice of Black women.

Aline Constantino, Founder of Turmalinas Negras


A platform available on the Nike Training Club app to tell a story of birth, connection, roots, protection, recognition and awakening through dance.

Using sport and movement as catalysts for women’s empowerment, Nike launches a film of Black female dance artists to strengthen and exalt the artists’ community. The sequence features the Brazilian singer Ludmilla and the dance troupe Turmalinas Negras.

Nike members gain access to the unprecedented melody and choreography, explaining the steps of the routine and presenting the artists, in the form of short videos. Everyone can reproduce the movements leading to connections through the transforming power of dance.

I am taking possession of who I am, a powerful Black woman who uses music and dance to connect with myself, but mostly with my community. We are stronger together.

Ludmilla, Singer
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The strength of Black women is celebrated using dance as a tool of reconnection.

The sequence is a timeline that shows how movements connect with ancestry and culture, going through rhythms such as break, hip hop and funk. Dance is a bridge to one’s history and identity.

Positive social transformations are stimulated for collective empowerment and the manifestation of Black culture. The meeting of women is promoted, who, together, face the intimate process of awakening and reconnecting with their roots.