Verizon Express

A smarter, more efficient store.



Shoppers expect speed, convenience and control.

A tap of our phones can now bring products to our doorstep within hours. To meet expectations, retailers must develop a faster, more convenient in-store experience.


Bring together the best of physical and digital.

Verizon Express is a new store format designed to ensure customers get what they want at the speed they desire.

Carefully choreographed touchpoints throughout the store make it possible to do more with less. A new kiosk utilises a platform offering access to Verizon’s complete inventory, enabling a smaller retail footprint. Grab-and-go self-checkouts cut down on waiting. Without a commission model, representatives are empowered with tools and data to offer customers helpful expertise in a pressure-free environment.



Increased conversion rates and decreased transaction times.

Verizon Express lives up to its name, with in-store transactions completed 40% faster than traditional store formats and in-store pick-up orders achieved in less than four minutes.