The GORE-TEX brand

Tested for Life

Overcoming the odds.

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Only by being tested to breaking point, can we truly learn to overcome.

When we least expect it, life has a habit of throwing us a curveball and testing us to our absolute limits. These moments truly define us and prove what we are really made of.


When life tests you to the limit, you need to know the jacket on your back, has your back.

Through a series of never-told-before stories, Gore follows a selection of influential athletes and ambassadors, being pushed to their limits.

These stories are matched with the relentless lab tests the GORE-TEX brand products face to create an ode to those who won’t give up and the technologies they rely on.



Gore is uplifted from being an unsung component in other products to center-stage.

Over 140 pieces of content spanning ten languages, across five continents simultaneously. Overcoming the odds, the GORE-TEX brand made it happen.

AKQA always challenges the status quo. On their side as well as on the client side. They create solutions with the aim to go the extra mile for a better outcome.

Achim Ewers zum Rode, Global Brand Leader Fabrics Division, the GORE-TEX brand
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