Go For The Unexpected

Three new flavours to turn usual into unique.



Schweppes is looking to reinforce its space within the mixology area.

Tapping into the insight that people are more open to trying new things when they are in new environments, three drinks inspired by Schweppes’ flavours work as a gateway for the imagination, flipping the ordinary into the unexpected. Introducing Monsoon Dance, Night Light Vibes and Hot Sand Groove.


Let the imagination fly.

Three films crafted by AKQA and OpenX send you there in the flip of a cap. A physical installation transforms wintery rain in a monsoon rain-soaked dance floor, and a limited-edition cocktail list enables people to choose drinks by following their senses.

From naming and identity all the way to a mixology and customer strategy, a 360-degree experience-driven platform is underpinned with a set of innovative, connected and scalable elements, allowing markets to implement the platform according to local needs.

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Driven by senses.

After creating one of the earliest forms of soft drink in 1783, Schweppes continues to build on its journey of intense flavour and breakthrough innovation and keep the iconic soda range and signature serves front of mind. Through the integrated experience, Monsoon Dance, Night Light Vibes and Hot Sand Groove can be recognised by the sensations they convey, in the UK and Bulgaria, forming a foundation for the quintessential quencher of thirst to expand around the world.