In a world-first, the Nissan IDx experience revolutionises car configuration using virtual reality technology.



Today’s drivers interact regularly with their favourite brands and customise their most loved products. Many are keen to contribute to the future of car design, but have no voice in the industry.

We saw an opportunity for Nissan designers to collaborate with the public on a grand scale – re-engaging drivers with the brand while giving Nissan first-hand insights into the dreams and desires of a new generation of drivers.


In an exclusive partnership with 3D virtual reality pioneers Oculus Rift, Nissan IDx put the tools of car design into the hands of young drivers at the Tokyo Motor Show – making a complex process simple and frictionless.

Using the Rift to navigate and their eyes to interact, individuals made decisions to progress through the experience. Nissan translated these choices into design and engineering concepts in real time – thus creating a unique IDx design for each individual user.

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The appeal of experiencing Oculus Rift before its release date attracted thousands of young drivers to the Nissan stand at the Tokyo Motor Show. Visitors queued for up to 70 minutes and spent an average seven minutes within the virtual world.

With multiple IDx stations on the stand, more time was spent creating with Nissan than with any other activity at the Motor Show. Nissan is now turning the most popular IDx designs into real concept cars to be shared with their online community – transforming the collaboration model into a real business solution.

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