Volvo Penta

The Svalbard Experience

From the desert to the Arctic.



Bringing the sound of silence to CES.

Volvo Penta is on a journey of transformation. Through its philosophy statement, In Pursuit of Beyond, it creates premium experiences that move people at the intersection of innovation and sustainability. At CES, the world’s most influential technology event, Volvo Penta showcased its engineering excellence and continuous quest for what’s next in a way that stood out from the noise of the convention.


From the desert to the Arctic.

Transport attendees from the boisterous desert of Las Vegas to Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean, on the edge of the habitable world, where all they hear is the sound of crackling ice and peaceful waters. With a spatial design that included interactive installations and a captivating audiovisual experience, people were welcomed aboard Kvitbjørn, a near-silent sightseeing vessel run by Hurtigruten and powered by a state-of-the-art Volvo Penta hybrid solution.

Through 360-degree video, ambisonic sound and a curved screen framing the voyage, guests were immersed in how Volvo Penta is transforming the tourism industry sustainably. The Kvitbjørns’ silence, made possible by Volvo Penta’s electromobility programme, allows tourists to experience the wonders of Svalbard without disturbing the nature and wildlife around them, enabling a more enjoyable experience for all.


A space that stood out in its serenity.

At CES, a forum new to marine technology, Volvo Penta demonstrated that it is future-driven and creates the experience at sea of tomorrow. Showcasing its pioneering approach to protecting wildlife in the tourism industry while offering a moment of calm and exploration, the space helped focus on Volvo Penta’s future vision and received substantial interest from new audiences.

The only remaining question is: where to next?