Reinventing the way we sleep

Establishing a path to premium.


Purple Grid can transform sleep.

Purple’s innovative GelFlex Grid technology has garnered headlines and fueled business growth. A new, highly anticipated Luxe collection promises to elevate the Grid even higher. Purple needed to show how it’s more than the next big thing; it’s transformative to one’s overall well-being.


The wonder of sleep can’t be conveyed through product tech specs or promotional messaging.

Showcasing the potential of Purple’s advanced sleep solutions required something more aspirational and benefit-driven. Design cues from adjacent premium brands informed a reimagining of the experience, one that is user-centric, guiding visitors as they discover, explore and become part of the world of Purple.

The beauty is in the detail. A thoughtfully crafted experience within the hub offers immersive, interactive content, guiding customers to the appropriate products. A fresh, minimalist, yet elegant visual aesthetic enhances the journey, reinforcing Purple’s premium lifestyle positioning.

Of all the things that we’re working on right now, this has been the smoothest and most impressive.


Inspiring customers to experience Life on the Grid.

Purple’s reimagined omnichannel hub has outperformed the previous site across various metrics, setting the company up for its next chapter as a premium lifestyle and wellness brand.