Together we trade

An identity for connecting global freight.


Shypple is a digital freight-forwarding and logistics scale-up, in a category of outdated legacy resource management systems and undifferentiated digital disruptors.

Its start-up mindset and aspiration to become a powerful platform for global trade marks an opportunity to help businesses thrive, while improving transparency and delivering reliable shipping for everyone.


Principles felt throughout the identity show Shypple’s commitment to partnerships, the empathy it has for all parties involved as well as the connectedness its service brings and how it is stronger together.

Shypple’s identity simplicity allows for scalability across products. The sophisticated motion design and vibrant illustration add a dynamic richness, while approachability is felt in the heart of the details.

The simplicity of the new logo wordmark instils the feeling of quality and trust and the illustration tells the story of the potential power when multiple parties come together. Tone of voice and photography show that Shypple is an empathetic and imaginative team-player, bringing people together for everyone’s mutual benefit.


The bespoke design system, brand book and website all embody Shypple’s empathetic, customer relationship approach and celebrate its new expression, Together We Trade.

Launching at a start-up friendly pace, the innovative branding allows Shypple to grow and deliver on its mission to improve the way the world trades.

It was a pleasure working with like-minded professionals that care about getting the details right, but more importantly, about the people that trade with us.

Dian Wessels, UX Lead at Shypple