Purposeful adaptation.


One brand does not always fit all.

Alibaba is the world’s sixth-most highly valued brand and a household name on many continents, but not yet in Europe. For the retailer to expand its share in key European markets, a new identity is required: one that cuts through the competition and is firmly rooted in diverse continental needs and desires.


In both life and e-commerce, to exist is to adapt.

Life on earth is teeming with adaptations. Chameleons famously morph between a range of brilliant hues to stand out in dense jungles, while octopuses alter the texture of their skin to communicate their mood. There are birds whose plumage shifts with the seasons, and even plants that change colour to thrive in different soils. Adaptations are what allow individuals, species and even products and services to stand out when desired, compete when required and thrive, survive and change when necessary.

Every element of the identity and design system allows Miravia to adapt and shape-shift to reflect the diverse needs of its wide-ranging audience. Defined in over 160 pages of extensive guidelines, these elements give Miravia a distinctly recognisable but flexible identity.


Catering to infinite possibilities, Miravia is making its mark in Europe.

The brand identity and guidelines mirror Miravia’s ambition to fit for every occasion, story and person.