Prada Beauty

Activating beauty

Transcending trends and defying modern beauty standards.

Hero – Prada Beauty


Beauty looks different these days.

The global luxury cosmetics market reached a value of US$ 47.35 billion in 2021. With a sea of competitors, success relies on a unique proposition at the crest of dynamic customer expectations. Prada has long transcended products, bringing avant-garde ideas to life and challenging existing ideologies through its fashion collections, which become tools of self-expression. For the launch of, AKQA honours the boundary-pushing heritage of the Italian luxury house, crafting a new vision of beauty for today and beyond.



Finding beauty in the unexpected.

In launching the website and its associated social channels, Prada Beauty leads with the exploration and expression of progressive perspectives and purposeful possibilities of beauty.

From perspective-shifting photo shoots to curious fragrance animations, AKQA employed Prada’s values of avant-gardism, sophistication and a touch of eccentricity to propose an identity and platform where the audience is free to activate their own sense of beauty.

Prada Luna Rossa brings to the fore a fragrance range inspired by the spirit of extreme sailing and adventure.

Prada Les Infusions welcomes a collection of sophisticated fragrances that are vivid yet subtle, inspired by fleeting memories.


Prada Candy Shop celebrates fragrances that are explosive, excessive and impossible to ignore, relaunched for Mother’s Day.


Elevating beauty content to the standards of high fashion.

As the first agency to work with Prada Beauty, AKQA established the founding platform, ensuring the brand experience is elevated to the standards expected for a luxury, high-end fashion house.

By creating a luxurious, experimental beauty hub, the vision of Prada Beauty’s social channels was set, breathing new life into existing franchise universes and elevating seasonal animations with a notable level of artistic craft.