Your stadium, at home.

From the stands to the sofa.

Gegio San Siro


Teams bereft over their support.

As a result of Covid-19 prevention guidelines in the autumn of 2020, stadium capacity was reduced to a minimum. This prevented thousands of football fans from enjoying a match live, leaving stadiums empty and without supporters. Chants, camaraderie and football commentary were a thing of the past and football shifted from the stands to the sofa, losing its grip on passionate followers.


A real fan-like experience for football lovers.

Google partnered with AC Milan to help fans enjoy matches with an innovative experience. Using a series of Google Nest devices through an exclusive Google action, the magic of the stadium is brought to the homes of millions of supporters.

Focusing on the unique ability of Google Nest’s spark speakers to enhance audio experiences, the action features a live commentary, original stadium chants, exclusive content and podcasts, plus a special formation announcement by AC Milan’s official speaker.

Celebrities and influencers, such as Milan legendary players Massimo Ambrosini and Ignazio Abate, and rappers Rkomi and Ernia, were asked by Google to turn their own homes into stadiums, using the product’s unique features and kit with personalised jersey, scarf and gadgets. They posted content during AC Milan matches, cheering on the team, following the match in real time through the device as well as sharing the idea that thanks to Nest’s technology it was possible to live a stadium-like experience at home.

Your stadium


Reaching millions of fans through influencers.

More than one hundred pieces of content over a three-week activation were produced. Every story and each piece of content was tailor made to fit the specific influencer’s tone of voice and personality, through dedicated briefing and real time production during AC Milan matches.

The activation generated four million impressions, with an 8.6 per cent engagement rate through influencer content alone.

120 pieces of content
4.7M total impressions
145K average reach
3.1M total interactions