Jako Vino


Wine for inspiration.



The Croatian island of Brač is an unspoilt, natural paradise famous for white stone and art. Stina, locally meaning stone, is the inspiration behind a collection of wines by Jako Vino.

Brač is the birthplace of many poets, sculptors and painters who find inspiration in the island’s unique stone. It is a symbol of beauty, strength and the hardships of indigenous Dalmatian viniculture on steep plateaus.


Like the Adriatic island Brač, the wine Stina inspires everyone who tastes it.

The traditional collection of natural wines are adorned with a blank canvas upon which you can paint using wine. An entirely white-label asks all who tastes the contents to express themselves creatively.

Through the packaging, two elements of Brač are connected, the Stina white stone and the artists. The label represents a block of stone inviting the sculptor to sculpt; it is an empty canvas enticing the painter to paint.



A source of inspiration worldwide.

Beginning as a packaging and branding project, Stina Vino’s story has accelerated into a grass-root international activation. Over 1.2 million bottles have been sold worldwide so far, including to Michelin star restaurants.

Among the award-winning work’s recognition is Best Packaging at Design Week, the Art Directors Club NY, IdejaX and Cropack. Plus, winning Gold at the European Design Awards and securing a place in the D&AD Book.

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