A blueprint for continuous growth.


Transport and logistics company DSV is defined by change, demonstrating a history of business acquisitions and rapid growth.

DSV is a global leader with a diverse set of employees, all determined to drive the world forward. This entrepreneurship deserves a framework for consistent storytelling across all touchpoints, united by drive and built for change.


Giving 80,000+ entrepreneurs a cohesive and clear path forward.

The Global Design Consistency Initiative delivers a strong identity in every story told. In turn, updating legacy design decisions and transforming DSV’s identity into a simple set of applicable building blocks.


A North Star for DSV to follow.

DSV’s new identity has created a North star for everyone to follow, giving employees a clear core of consistency. It offers an unequivocal directive that leaves the people of DSV proud and empowers them to proceed with a consistent voice, whether based in Shanghai, Stockholm or San Diego.

Having been a decade-long partner for DSV on a growth journey of 252.03% in share price over the last five years, AKQA’s Global Design Consistency Initiative is the natural next step in a success story set to continue.