Art Series Hotels

No Robe

Sleep over, stand proud and become the muse of a life drawn masterpiece.

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Each and every Art Series hotel is inspired by and named after a renowned Australian artist.

Infusing art throughout the hotel experience, a stay at an Art Series hotel is a celebration of self-expression.

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‘No Robe’ is an interactive hotel experience during which guests sleep over and literally become the art.

Check in and have a customised iPad sent to your hotel room so that you can go ‘no robe’ and take a self-portrait in private. Once captured, the image is securely sent to an official Art Series artist to reimagine your photo as a life drawing. All participating guests receive their one-of-a-kind artwork after they check out.

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No Robe went around the world, reaching a global audience of over 44 million people in more than 150 countries.

The idea was celebrated by the media and delivered $250 million in earned coverage. Channel Nine News credited the idea with “opening up a whole new clientele of people that are interested in the arts”.