Make the everyday aspirational

Composable convenience at every turn.


In e-commerce, every interaction matters.

ECCO, the globally renowned shoe and leather goods company, embarked on a journey to revitalise its e-commerce strategy, going from a monolith to a fully composable solution. Drawing on six years of collaboration, insights and strategic planning with AKQA, a comprehensive composable commerce solution and design system was created with one goal: to enhance the customer experience and internal operational efficiency in every interaction.

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Aspirational across all touchpoints.

The new, transformative solution not only provides ECCO with a top-tier customer experience; it offers convenience at every turn. Built on a composable stack, the solution integrates various platforms, such as Contentful, Algolia, Adyen and Commercetools, into one global platform for all markets. The full suite of programs boosted previous innovations, further elevating the customer experience, and ensuring that the platform is ready for the future.

Guided by principles of being human, bringing comfort and craft to life, and building on everyday behaviour, a stronger bond between the customer and ECCO is formed.


Ambition achieved.

ECCO has witnessed remarkable growth year on year, accomplished using the same products and prices, underscoring the influence and value of a well-crafted global platform. Testament to ECCO’s uncompromising approach to innovation and collaboration.

21% net sales increase
15% conversion rate increase