Run your money

Helping everyday investors take control.


No one runs your money like you.

After a marketing hiatus, it became time for Robinhood to reintroduce itself to the world and reclaim its voice. A celebration was needed to honour a base of more experienced investors and the atypical people who run their money as only they can.


An investment firm of one.

With Robinhood, you don’t need an investment firm; you are the investment firm.

AKQA and Robinhood partnered with director Ian Schwartz to bring this concept to life with content spanning social, online and TV, focusing on the national NBA broadcast. By showing up where everyday investors are spending their time, the series celebrates individuality and expertise as they do the work it takes to run their money on their terms.


A ton of excitement and positivity. Thank you for your continued partnership. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Carley Olivas, Director of Integrated Marketing, Robinhood
Robinhood-video 2


A celebration of retail investors.

Across various platforms, active investors are placed in the spotlight, showing their diligence towards making the right decisions and doing it all like only they can.