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For the love of the game.

Nothing beats the bond that football provides. Inspired by the unique communities, subcultures and friendships that make the game so special, AKQA crafted a film to announce Sorare’s partnership with one of the world’s biggest and most exciting competitions: The Premier League.

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Welcome to the House of Sorare.

Taking place in a sports bar like no other, the House of Sorare, the film follows the story of Alex and his journey to the top of the Sorare fantasy league leaderboard and celebrates the joy, dedication and spirit that unites football fans the world over.


Kicking off a new era.

The House of Sorare helped fans from across the world to engage, share their opinions and join debates on social media. The film helped to not only launch Sorare’s partnership with the Premier League, but also motivated new fantasy players to join the community.

55k engagement
11.4m impressions
+95% subscribers

The launch of The Premier League on Sorare was an iconic moment for these two brands as it paves the way for the next wave of fantasy professional managers.

Khoi Phan, Executive Creative Director at Sorare

The House of Sorare film represents a wonderful blend of brand storytelling and product education. Our community has been so excited for this launch, as it marked a new chapter for Sorare – with all the major leagues on our platform.

Nicolas Julia, Co-founder and CEO at Sorare