Crafted by culture

Designs inspired by ancestral artwork and Indigenous traditions.


The summer 2021 Nike N7 collection honours the values, stories, and diversity of Indigenous culture and craft.

From purple wampum shells to colourful porcupine quills and braided details of traditional hairstyles, the collection is influenced by the original colours and materials of ancestral artwork and regalia significant to each athlete’s Tribal Nation.

Nike N7 Hero 4


Authentic conversations create meaningful connections.

The Nike N7 collection includes silhouettes that represent the stories of athletes Lyle Thompson (Onondaga Nation), Lauren Schad (Cheyenne River Lakota Nation) and Kyrie Irving (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe) and their ties to Indigenous cultures.

A trio of films featuring conversations between the athletes and members of their community touch on heritage, family, culture, sport and the meaning behind their sneaker designs. Inspired by the natural beauty of the earth and emblems significant to each athlete’s Tribal Nation, the designs create a unique opportunity for each pair to represent their roots.

With the invitation to make your own, Nike shows that there is no single way to represent Indigenous.

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I’m proud of who I am. With this Nike By You shoe, I wanted to make sure to incorporate my hair. It’s obviously played a huge role on who I am and who I’ve become.

Lyle Thompson (Onondaga Nation), Professional Lacrosse Player


The series launched on and Nike’s Instagram channel in June, recognising National Indigenous People’s Day in Canada.

Offering a way for everyone to connect with Indigenous communities, the films inspire new generations to represent their culture, and use sport as a positive agent for change.

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