Our Special Island

Encouraging positive attitudes to eating fresh, healthy food.

our special island


Health issues caused by poor eating choices are a global issue.

Our Special Island was originally developed to inspire nutritious eating habits for children in Tonga. The app and its healthy eating message is now reaching children around the world in their home languages.

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By learning through digital play, children grow and collect healthy food to make delicious meals.

The immersive storytelling is guided by two children called Kelela and Pulotu, with some cooking help from Maui-Kisikisi, the youngest son of the great Polynesian hero Maui.

Aimed at 5-8 year-olds, Our Special Island acknowledges the importance of play for learning and the power of popular culture in children’s lives. The app supports creative, open-ended activities, where children fish, harvest food, chop, mix, grate and bake ingredients for healthy meals.


What a steal for the Kingdom of Tonga to be involved first-hand in the development of the app with Millipede. This is testament that Tonga and our other Pacific cousins make ideal testing grounds for technology. Our Special Island is our unique way of showcasing our country and this our Me’a'ofa (Gift of Love) to the world.

Joanna Bourke,
 Executive Creative Director, CocoNew – The Agency, Tonga

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