Spark a conversation



Our ancestors gathered around bonfires. It was a place to come together and exchange stories, play music and share knowledge that laid the foundations for our cultures.

The Bondfire app, available on iOS and Android, pays homage to this, enabling friends and families to unite over the festive season whether physically together or apart.

AKQA Bondfire thumbnail


Illuminate the embers of conversation.

Our collective appetite for screen time means the art of discussion is being lost. The Bondfire app has been designed to manage screen time around the dinner table by turning your phone into a rich virtual centrepiece for sparking connections.

Start a Bondfire and share the unique code with your loved ones. Each phone becomes a 3D log to stack together creating a fire that grows bigger and brighter as each new person joins to the comforting sound of the crackling flames, evoking the warmth of a real fire. Leave the expansive virtual fire to burn while you reconnect.

Inspired by our ancestors’ tradition of gathering around fires to share stories, we built a rich virtual environment for the purpose of turning phones into a collaborative centrepiece to encourage real life conversations.

Arendse Rohland, Creative Conceptor


A gift of conversation.

The Bondfire experience provides a visually inviting new way to facilitate connections and bring magic and delight to families this holiday season, including voice capabilities that enable remote users to join the conversation too.

Download the app for free on iOS and Android.