Dan Holdsworth

Acceleration Structures


“Technologies are changing the possibilities of how we see our world.”

AKQA and clients were joined by one of Britain’s foremost photographic artists, Dan Holdsworth (pictured left), who presented his latest work Acceleration Structures, in partnership with the Rolls-Royce Art Programme.

Hosted by AKQA’s Paul Ostryzniuk, Dan took the audience on a journey of his early influences and experiences which have guided the work he creates today. Having an artist and scientist as parents; the inspiration of John Ruskin and William Turner; to the impact of technology ranging from the emergence of digital photography through to drones and laser-mapping of the world around us.

Technology today allows us to be more sensitive and aware of our planet, but Dan explained the paradox presenting itself; whereby despite such advancements, we are more dislocated from our natural world than ever before.

Acceleration Structures explores the relationship between landscape photography, science and technology – an investigation into both real and virtual representations of geological terrains. The work invites the viewer to discover some of Europe’s most sublime yet inhospitable landscapes in radically new ways.