Liz Kilgarriff

Storytelling in the 21st Century


“We’re all telling the same stories over and over again. HBO’s Succession is King Lear, it’s Shakespearean”

It’s through storytelling, not statistics that people make sense of the world. Popular media and entertainment have been influencing our perspectives and behaviours for over a century, and the universal adoption of streaming, new formats and multi-platform experiences have altered our relationship with visual entertainment forever. Audience expectations for authentic, engaging stories has never been higher, but how do you find those writers and nurture their captivating narratives to the screen? How will the current events that are changing our world influence the structure of the entertainment industry for years to come? Multi-award-winning television producer Liz Kilgarriff; former Senior Commissioning Editor for BBC Drama and CEO of Firebird Pictures, joins AKQA Managing Partner Sam Kelly for a conversation about storytelling in the 21st century.