Journal 8

The future, faster.

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It’s only by giving our all to the present that we can contribute to a more inspiring future.

The projects featured in AKQA Journal edition 8 provide a glimpse of what’s already here, and what’s yet to come: the connected jersey that reconsiders the role of apparel by introducing a new dimension to the fan, athlete and game experience; the in-game AI manifested through a real-world conversational interface to make the player’s adventure more realistic and emotionally immersive; the app that creates an augmented reality tree anywhere, and plants a real one in threatened habitats; the virtual reality voyage of discovery that reveals a magical world of wonder, banishing boredom while travelling.

Projects for Nike, Sir Elton John, David Beckham House 99, Activision, Eurostar, evian, Climate Council are among those featured in AKQA Journal edition 8.