AKQA and Delta Soar with Updated Fly Delta App

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In the latest innovation from their 15-year partnership, AKQA and Delta Air Lines have launched major upgrades to the flagship Fly Delta app. The updated app introduces several new industry-leading features aimed at improving the travel experience for Delta’s customers.

AKQA’s long-standing collaboration with Delta exemplifies a mission of creating innovative, human-centric solutions. These latest Fly Delta app enhancements directly address customer needs and pain points through seamless digital experiences.

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Among the key new features is an industry-first Need Help mode that activates during irregular operations like flight delays. This centralised view allows customers to manage their itinerary, track bags, and get personalised guidance when disruptions occur – all in one convenient place within the app.

The app also unveils an Explore home page that delivers a highly customised experience for customers to discover and book their next trip with Delta beyond just their current travel day. A revamped global navigation puts core functions like My Trips as distinct tabs for easier access.

One of the most simple but powerful new features is the persistent boarding pass. This allows customers to view their boarding pass information at a glance without having to reload it as they navigate the app.

The best feature is that the app will now keep your boarding pass accessible to you no matter what screen you’re currently viewing. That means no more tapping through to the right place and waiting for the boarding pass to load, which is one of the most annoying things about most airline apps.

Jason Aten, technology columnist for Inc

Jason concludes, “Often, when companies consider the various ways they can add features or create new products, they lose sight of what actually adds value to their customers. They might be building something that seems cool or innovative, but that doesn’t mean it’s helpful. In this case, Delta has added features that meet the very real needs of travellers.”

As AKQA and Delta celebrate 15 years of partnership, the latest Fly Delta app is laser-focused on solving real pain points through innovative yet intuitive solutions that anticipate and meet the needs of modern travellers.

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