AKQA Wins World Architecture Community Award

AKQA Wins World Architecture Community Award main-large

Since 2006, the World Architecture Awards have recognised remarkable projects that inspire exciting questions about contemporary design.

On winning this accolade, Executive Creative Director Hugo Veiga said: “AKQA Casa is not an office, but a home. We’re very excited to have won this prestigious award, but more honoured to have the chance to spend a great part of our days inside such an artful place.” Executive Creative Director Diego Machado added: “We’re sure AKQA Casa’s architectural environment will continue to inspire creative works in the form of beautiful ideas that move the world.”

Vitor Penha, representing the architects involved in the AKQA Casa project said: “Being recognised as one of the winners of the 24th Cycle of the World Architecture Awards acknowledges the impact our studio took to create the perfect home for AKQA. This award defines the courage we had in proposing the architecture environment and contemporary necessities needed to build the most inspired space.”

AKQA CEO Ajaz Ahmed said: “The central theme to our studios is a soulful space that invites clients and cultural influencers to be an integral part of the creative process. This sense of wellbeing and physical collaboration is reinforced with a club-house feel that combines rustic, natural elements with a timeless interpretation and a celebration of each site’s unique history.”

AKQA Casa’s progressive workspace invites the creative community to celebrate art, science and the human spirit. Reflecting the cultural reference points that inspire AKQA’s work, the Casa features an auditorium and gallery that hosts a programme of events, lectures, talks and performances with artists, authors, athletes, chefs, scientists and entrepreneurs. The architecture of the two-story AKQA Casa emphasises domestic scale and character creating a space that includes gardens and patios with an elaborate collection of brise-soleil formed from vintage iron gates and railings. The Casa is equipped with sustainable systems including solar panels, rainwater storage for reuse and energy saving LED lighting. To create a visual unity, natural materials like iron, leather, reclaimed or certified wood, stone, marble and fabrics with neutral shades are fused into the interior.

AKQA Casa was designed by architects Estudio Penha in collaboration with Hugo Veiga, Diego Machado and Ajaz Ahmed from AKQA.