Committed to you. Committed to Europe. Committed to the World.

Committed to you. Committed to Europe. Committed to the World. main-large-17

The world has always benefitted from diverse, multi-cultural, international teams that have different backgrounds, perspectives and ideas.

Diversity is at the very core of our company, supporting and strengthening our culture and reinforcing our reputation as an employer of choice. We work with progressive clients around the world that share the same values, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond any of our own organisations.

This morning we woke to the news that Britain has made the historic decision to leave the EU. The full impact of this decision will depend on the negotiations that follow and, importantly, there will not be any immediate changes.

There will be much noise and speculation over the coming weeks as no state has ever left the European Union before. Frankly, no-one can say with any certainty what rights EU citizens will have to work in the UK, or vice versa, until the negotiations have been completed. These negotiations could take anything from between two to four years. There have already been promises made for EU citizens lawfully resident in the UK that they will be treated no less favourably than at present. Lawyers have also argued that British expats living in the EU at the time of the vote would have acquired rights to allow them to stay in their host country. In addition, countries outside the EU (such as Norway) have been required to grant freedom of movement as a condition of access to the single market.

As an international firm, AKQA will continue to nurture and grow our presence and commitment in Europe, USA, Asia and UK. We will continue to encourage our employees to travel with us, benefitting from new experiences and cultures.

I am writing to you personally because no AKQA employee should ever feel unsupported. We will do everything to ensure we carry on building a diverse and inclusive culture, represented by people from all over the world, so we seek terrain unexplored and create inspiring work together.

In addition to our own resources, AKQA is proud to be part of WPP, an organisation that employs over 194,000 people globally.

If you have questions, concerns or need anything please contact me at anytime.