Empowered women inspire all

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Recognising that a series of actions need to be taken to advance equality and actively address issues, AKQA participated in the 2018 Women in Technology Australia conference in Sydney.

Kacey D’Odorico, AKQA Executive Director of People said: “With only 30% of the technology sector in Australia made up of women, it’s important that AKQA doesn’t just talk about diversity. Participating in the Women in Tech Conference and having our leaders speaking on stage to showcase our work and thinking is just one way to demonstrate our commitment.”

AKQA Melbourne Principal Architect Lindsay Lim took the stage to share her insights on developer problem-solving methodologies. Lindsay’s keynote, entitled: ‘It Works on my Machine’, explored what goes on in the mind of an engineer when they are problem-solving. She walked the audience through the ways developers break down issues, find points of failure and then implement solutions. Arguably the systems built are informed by vision, experiences and research. We therefore need to ask: if a world is being built under the leadership of a single gender, or by one perspective, what is missing from that world and what are the consequences?

Through a series of company-wide, industry and recruitment initiatives, including partnering with the Women in Technology conference, AKQA is actively highlighting role models. This work is ongoing.

Image credit: Samuel Zeller