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Miriam Plon Sauer joins Denmark’s leadership team


Miriam Plon Sauer joined AKQA as Executive Strategy Director 15 months ago and has recently been promoted to General Manager of our Denmark studio.

Previously, Miriam has been working across the Danish agency business for more than 14 years in various strategic roles.

On her appointment, Miriam said: “AKQA is new in Denmark, so we are constantly pushing to showcase the worth and raw talent of our people. I’m so happy to be given the opportunity to help progress AKQA further.”

Managing Director, Steffen Blauenfeldt Otkjær said: “Miriam has been a powerful addition to our team from the very start. She’s expanded her reach way beyond the Danish borders and proven a brilliant thinker always fighting hard for every brand that she works for. It’s amazing to have Miriam’s drive and understanding of brands within our leadership team.”