Say goodbye to the satellite dish, say hello to Sky Glass

Sky Inside RGB A RT1 fogra39

Sky has collaborated with AKQA’s pre-eminent industrial design studio Map, to create Sky Glass, the world’s first carbon-neutral TV.

Built with premium-grade, anodised aluminium and woven acoustic mesh, Sky Glass is engineered for an immersive home cinema experience straight out of the box, requiring 50-per-cent less energy than a typical TV and soundbar set-up. Sky Glass are the first TVs to be certified as a CarbonNeutral® product by Natural Capital Partners.

Sky Glass is the beautifully smart, simple, sustainable way to stream. The new TV reduces complexity, eliminates clutter and saves energy. To provide future-proofing Sky Glass owners can easily replace, recycle and upgrade their TV to a newer model when available.

Providing exceptional picture and sound quality, Sky Glass has an Ultra HD 4k display, built-in Dolby Atmos surround sound with six individual speakers and room-filling Dolby Vision HDR. Available in three sizes: small (43-inches), medium (55-inches) and large (65-inches), Sky Glass also has five colour options: anthracite black, ceramic white, dusty pink, racing green and ocean blue. To connect gaming consoles and other devices, Sky Glass includes three HDMI ports and a USB-C port.

Sky and Map set out to design a simple and easy to understand product that consolidates many items in the living room. Looking at the television as a domestic object, Sky Glass utilises a simple design language enabling it to blend in to any home. It features a bold design approach which looks to acknowledge the real estate created by the technology situated inside, celebrating the product as an object for the home, rather than hiding or disguising it. One of the Sky Glass design’s key attributes is the aluminium bezel: a delicate perforation pattern that offers visual interest as well as providing natural ventilation for the panel and an outlet for the Dolby Atmos sound.

Sky glass-thumb

AKQA and Sky Creative have also created an integrated communications launch to the public. ‘The Spell’, a product-focussed film, is the first phase of this launch activity. The next phase, entitled ‘The Wizard’ is a heart-warming and enchanting story that unfolds to introduce each remarkable feature of the new Sky Glass experience.