Global community radio station

Work From Home FM


Promoting community and creativity during a time of social distancing, our Melbourne team has created the Work From Home radio station, WFH FM, as a way to stay connected.

Co-developers, Studio Concierge, Jessica Day and Creative Director, Adam Grant serve as station managers, with 300 daily listeners and DJs from across the global AKQA family contributing a round-the-clock program of music and talkback.

Tune in.


Jessica Day said: “The main theme of the year for our business is connection and this got me thinking. Music is a big part of my life, so is the AKQA studio culture. When thinking about how I could recreate the in-studio experience at home, and bring energy to the team while working away from each other, the radio station seemed like the simple answer. From playing music to hearing your colleague’s voices and laughter, I couldn’t contain my excitement on getting it started.”


Adam Grant said: “I can see a place for WFH FM in a post-corona future. These last few weeks have woken us up to the importance of community and informal exchange in the work we do. Even when we’re all able to return to the same physical place, there’s something about the spirit of radio that will be hard to walk away from. It’s helped us all to know each other better, and given us a sense of purpose and community in a time where we need those things more than ever.”

Tune in.