Pandemic Sciences Institute, University of Oxford.

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Forging a safer world through science.

To combat the ever-present threat of the next pandemic, the University of Oxford has launched a new centre of global research collaboration and excellence – the Pandemic Sciences Institute – which will build on decades of medical research on infectious disease and data science.

The institute draws together academics and experts from across Oxford’s research and innovation community, including from infectious diseases, vaccinology, immunology, structural biology, diagnostics, drug discovery, clinical trials, data science, public health, and social and political sciences. Its mission is to ensure that the world is better equipped to create global and equitable science-driven solutions to prepare for, identify and counter future pandemic threats.

The institute focuses on three core themes:

  • Accelerating understanding and insights: generating actionable knowledge and data (from pathogens through to patients) in near ‘real-time’ and making this globally accessible.
  • Translating research into real-world solutions: creating and deploying effective, acceptable and equitable health technologies, including digital tools, diagnostics, treatments and vaccines.
  • Enhancing confidence, trust and impact: identifying ways to strengthen societal and political engagement, resilience and responsiveness.

The University of Oxford can’t build the Pandemic Sciences Institute alone, but with enough collective effort we can make it a reality. Please support the University of Oxford’s efforts to invest in pandemic science now, to ensure that the world will never be caught unprepared again.


If you would like to discuss making a contribution towards the Pandemic Sciences Institute, please contact:

Catherine Francis
Senior Development Executive – Medical Sciences
+44 07342 079410