Employee Benefits, Gurgaon

AKQA is committed to developing wellbeing and supporting life choices for our team.

We provide an extensive range of benefits. The healthier our lifestyles, the better resilience and longevity we are likely to have. We believe in providing resources that will alleviate distractions allowing employees to do their best work.

Health and wellbeing

To keep you active and healthy both physically and mentally.


Medical health insurance

We offer health cover to all employees, which includes spouses and their children. Everyone can enjoy the same comprehensive cover, regardless of previous medical history. Dependent parents can be included in the scheme (at an additional cost).

London Benefits - Mental Health

Mental health support

Becoming overwhelmed by stress can lead to mental health problems or worsen existing issues. AKQA has many places for employees to reach out for support and advice.

London Benefits - Glasses

Health check-ups

Employees are eligible for a health check-up every 1.5 years with MAX Healthcare. Tests include organ health, diabetes, eye check-ups and consultations with specialist doctors.

Learning and development

To help you grow and develop in your role, and to reach your full potential.


AKQA Insight

AKQA Insight features presentations, case studies and points of view from across the AKQA global network, plus external guest speakers and key figures from innovative disciplines.

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Management programme

At AKQA, we ensure employee development is a priority. We coach and mentor our people and guide them for future roles through line management.

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Departmental and individual training

We offer team and individual development opportunities, including industry-related events and accredited qualifications.


LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Frontend Masters, Coursera

Everyone can benefit from our subscription to LinkedIn Learning – an online training platform that providing thousands of courses. AKQA also gives you access to Udemy, Frontend Masters and Coursera, online platforms that provide an extensive list of accredited courses by Google and more.

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Line management

For us, our people and clients are our priority and when it comes to the development of our people, we take it seriously. At AKQA we ensure that we follow line management, where we coach and mentor our people not only for the projects but also guide them for future roles.

Lifestyle choices

To ensure a healthy work-life balance.


Earned leave

We offer 18 days’ annual earned leave per year plus bank holidays.


Public holidays

At AKQA, we have a yearly holiday calendar, offering ten fixed plus two optional holidays (there are four optional dates to choose from).

London Benefits - Flexible working

Flexible working

We recognise the importance of quality time away from work; AKQA is open to flexible working patterns, from reducing weekly hours to working from home.



Employees can request an extended leave period of a maximum of three months to focus on other aspects of life.


Anniversaries and awards

We recognise our employees’ achievements with awards, including employee of the year. We also celebrate significant milestones of three, five, and ten years of service with a reward.

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Recruitment referral scheme

We pay a financial bonus if you refer a candidate who ends up being permanently employed by AKQA.



Through partnerships with our clients and local businesses, we can offer employee discounts on food, haircuts, beauty treatments, travel and retail. Through WPP, AKQA employees can also benefit from discounts of up to 20%.

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Social events

We know connecting with colleagues is important, whether in-person or virtually. So at regular times throughout the month, we host events, breakfasts, lunches, annual parties and more to bring our teams together.

AKQA Benefits - Coffee

Tea and coffee

Complimentary herbal teas and drinks are available. There are coffee machines throughout the studio and a subsidised vending machine and we are always trialing new, healthy products.

Saving and protection

To help you plan for the future and for times when you may need support.


Maternity leave policy and primary carer leave

To ensure time off with new babies is as rewarding as possible, AKQA offers a 26-week maternity package, including a gift.


Paternity policy and secondary carer leave

New parents are entitled to ten days of paid leave immediately after their baby is born.

life insurance

Term Life Insurance

As an AKQA employee, you’re eligible to be enrolled on to the Term Life Insurance scheme, with varying levels of cover.

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Casual, sick and compassionate leave

We offer ten days of sick leave per year, plus time off for family emergencies if needed. We also provide seven days of paid casual leave for urgent and unavoidable situations.


Accidental insurance policy

AKQA employees are eligible to enrol on an accidental insurance policy, covering any extra expenses associated with injuries.

Prioritising you is essential to your wellbeing, particularly during the ongoing challenges in the world. Self-care strategies allow you to take charge of your mental and physical health. In addition to organised opportunities through sport, yoga and meditation, we’ve compiled a wide range of self-care resources for families and individuals, combined with continuous positive lifestyle encouragement and support for our employees.