Employee Benefits, North America

AKQA is committed to developing wellbeing and supporting life choices for our team.

We provide an extensive range of benefits, including enhanced policies for new parents.

The healthier our lifestyles, the better resilience and longevity we are likely to have. We believe in providing resources that will alleviate distractions allowing employees to do their best work.

Health and wellbeing

To keep you active and healthy both physically and mentally.



We offer various health plan options, and all provide services, such as 100% coverage on preventative care. Employees can also participate in a health savings account to set aside money on a pretax basis for eligible expenses. WPP will provide funding for all travel related expenses for abortion care.

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Dental care

All AKQA employees can enrol in a dental plan with two different options for coverage; in-network and out-of-network care or flat coverage.

London Benefits - Mental Health

Mental health

Becoming overwhelmed by stress can lead to mental health problems or worsen existing issues. AKQA has many places for employees to reach out for support and advice.

London Benefits - Glasses

Eye tests and glasses

Enrolling onto the VSP Core plan covers tests, lenses and frames, and an allowance for non-prescription sunglasses. There is the option to elect the VSP Buy-Up plan for enhanced cover with higher allowances and a second pair of glasses/contacts.

Helping hands

Family support

We provide families caring for children with emotional, social, behavioural challenges, or learning disabilities with online consultations with health professionals.

Learning and development

To help you grow and develop in your role, and to reach your full potential.


AKQA Insight

AKQA Insight features presentations, case studies and points of view from across the AKQA global network, plus external guest speakers and key figures from innovative disciplines.

Personal development

Personal development workshops

These workshops run regularly, covering a wide range of topics, including Presentation Skills, The Art of Communication, Unconscious Bias, and Mental Health First Aid.

Benefits-mentorship manual

Management programme

Managers can significantly impact business outcomes, employee engagement, and performance. We ensure all line managers have the opportunity to attend a four-module programme, teaching them skills to become effective managers.

benefits-Weekly connection

Departmental and individual training

We offer team and individual development opportunities, including one to ones with qualified coaches, industry-related events and accredited qualifications.

Lifestyle choices

To ensure a healthy work-life balance.


Annual holiday

We offer generous annual time off including nine bank holidays, in addition we close down between Christmas and New Year to ensure that everyone has the entire period to celebrate. We are piloting Flex time within some studios, providing unlimited paid time off.

London Benefits - Flexible working

Flexible working

We recognise the importance of quality time away from work; AKQA is open to flexible working patterns, from reducing weekly hours to working from home.

London Benefits - Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

A range of ERGs and groups across the AKQA network can be joined to connect and unite employees around a shared identity or interest.



Through partnerships with our clients and local businesses, we can offer employee discounts on food, haircuts, beauty treatments, travel and retail. Through WPP, AKQA employees can also benefit from discounts of up to 20%.

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Recruitment referral scheme

We pay a financial bonus if you refer a candidate who ends up being permanently employed by AKQA.

Saving and protection

To help you plan for the future and for times when you may need support.


Parental leave

AKQA offers 16 weeks of paid leave to expecting or adopting parents at 100% pay regardless of gender, and a food delivery reimbursement benefit. In addition, employees birthing children will also receive short term disability pay.


Family leave

At AKQA, we understand the importance of family life. If a child or other dependant is unwell and time off is required to care for them, we offer emergency leave. Ten days per year of subsidised backup childcare is also available.

life insurance

Life insurance

Basic life and accidental death insurance are provided by AKQA. Employees can also elect supplemental life insurance.


Financial advice

Free, confidential financial advisory sessions are on offer to address financial strategy, credit report review, debt management, bankruptcy protection and housing education.


Disability leave

Short term disability paid leave is available should employees become sick or injured and unable to work for more than seven consecutive days. Long term disability coverage can be elected.


Commuter benefits

Employees can use pre-tax to pay for eligible commuting and parking expenses.


401(k) Savings Plan

The 401(k) Savings and Investment Plan allows employees to contribute up to 50% compensation on a pretax or after-tax basis. AKQA provides a matching contribution of 50% of the contribution up to 6% of employees’ base salary.

Prioritising you is essential to your wellbeing, particularly during the ongoing challenges in the world. Self-care strategies allow you to take charge of your mental and physical health. In addition to organised opportunities through sport, yoga and meditation, we’ve compiled a wide range of self-care resources for families and individuals, combined with continuous positive lifestyle encouragement and support for our employees.