Employee Benefits, São Paulo

AKQA is committed to developing wellbeing and supporting life choices for our team.

We provide an extensive range of benefits. The healthier our lifestyles, the better resilience and longevity we are likely to have. We believe in providing resources that will alleviate distractions allowing employees to do their best work.

Health and wellbeing

To keep you active and healthy both physically and mentally.



We offer a variety of health plan options to all employees, which gives prompt access to specialist medical treatment should you ever need it. Everyone can enjoy the same comprehensive cover, regardless of their previous medical history.

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Dental care

All AKQA employees can enrol in a dental plan with two different options for coverage.

London Benefits - Gym

Gym membership

Employees have access to a subsidised gym membership with various gym partners around the country.


Flu jab

AKQA offers employees yearly free flu jabs to maximise the chance of everyone having a healthy winter.


Dogs in the studio

Being around our pets can reduce stress, increase cognitive abilities and social interaction and counteract depression and anxiety. That’s why AKQA welcomes employees to bring dogs into the studio.

Learning and development

To help you grow and develop in your role, and to reach your full potential.


AKQA Insight

AKQA Insight features presentations, case studies and points of view from across the AKQA global network, plus external guest speakers and key figures from innovative disciplines.

Personal development

Personal Development Workshops

Available to all and covering a wide range of topics, including Presentation Skills, The Art of Communication, Unconscious Bias, and Mental Health First Aid, these workshops run on a regular basis; a great way to learn and build on current skills.

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Management programme

Managers can significantly impact business outcomes, employee engagement, and performance. We ensure all line managers have the opportunity to attend a four-module programme, teaching them skills to become effective managers.

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Department and individual training

We offer bespoke team and individual development opportunities to everyone.

Lifestyle choices

To ensure a healthy work-life balance.


Annual holiday

We offer 30 days’ annual holiday per year plus Brazilian holidays. In addition we close between Christmas and New Year to ensure that everyone has the entire period to celebrate.

London Benefits - Flexible working

Flexible working

We recognise the importance of quality time away from work, to enable you to enjoy time with your family, or pursue interests and hobbies. AKQA is open to many flexible working patterns.


Birthday off

We offer birthday days off, which can be taken any day within the birthday week.

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Food voucher

We offer a daily lunch value, paid via a voucher card.

London Benefits - Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

At AKQA, all employees can join a range of ERGs or affinity groups established across our network, that aim to unite employees around a common identity or interest. These groups help foster a culture of inclusion, spirit of belonging to a community and build connections within AKQA.

Saving and protection

To help you plan for the future and for times when you may need support.


Parental leave

We are proud to offer expecting or adopting employees six months of parental leave at 100% pay regardless of gender. In addition, we offer five days off in July to ensure parents have time with their children during the school holidays, provided to parents with children up to 17 years old.


Childcare backup

We offer a monthly company subsidised back-up childcare for children up to the age of six years old.


Commuter benefits

Parking is available at our studios and monthly transport tickets are available for those who use public transportation.

life insurance

Life insurance

Basic life and accidental death insurance are provided by AKQA.

Prioritising you is essential to your wellbeing, particularly during the ongoing challenges in the world. Self-care strategies allow you to take charge of your mental and physical health. In addition to organised opportunities through sport, yoga and meditation, we’ve compiled a wide range of self-care resources for families and individuals, combined with continuous positive lifestyle encouragement and support for our employees.