The Stars Guide Us

The Stars Guide Us-thumb

AKQA has announced the launch of new studios in Johannesburg and Cape Town with a short film inspired by the great canopy of space.

Every South African knows what it feels like to sit around a fire and look up at the night sky. The Stars Guide Us film follows a young girl into adulthood and the transition from sharing stories about the stars with her grandfather to exploring galaxies through SALT, the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere.

Anna-Belle Mulder, Creative Director, AKQA said: “For South Africans, the stars have always been an essential guide. They are used for storytelling, linking to ancestors and navigation; a continual reminder of the beauty of our natural world. With the technological advancements of SALT, we can now see further than ever before.”

AKQA’s new South African studios employ 55 people serving clients including Unilever, Campari, Danone, RMB, Pernod Ricard, Forever New and Nestlé through the integration of TMARC, along with subsidiaries Platform 5 and Strike Mobile. TMARC is one of South Africa’s leading performance marketing companies, building products and services that are driven by data, content, and media.