Powerful. Beautiful. Transformative. The world’s most advanced digital automotive platform.

Audi USA


Simplicity and performance are ingrained into Audi DNA. Reflecting this, AudiUSA.com has harnessed technology to enhance the purchase and ownership journey.

It must be stunning, powerful, and fast. Completely stripped of noise and purpose-built from every pixel to every letter. An experience that provides the space and tools to visualise and create a dream car, setting a new industry benchmark for simple, beautiful and powerful design.

Nissan USA
Nissan USA


Reimagine the digital automotive experience. The new AudiUSA.com is an experience engineered for car purchase – just as an Audi itself is engineered for the driver.

We completely redesigned AudiUSA.com as an elegant and intuitive destination that unites cinematic car configuration, responsive design, integrated search and services such as dealer inventory location. Taking a cue from Audi technological DNA, we crafted an optimised website experience that marries beautiful design with a powerful data engine. 27 different algorithms anticipate customer needs and personalise content, using powerful data points to predict what you're looking for.


By reimagining what an automotive site can be, the new AudiUSA.com transformed Audi’s business – and influenced car purchase forever.

A true shopping tool for consumers, and a tool to assist our dealers

Combining artistry and technology, the site is a reimagined version of what an online automotive destination can and should be