Exploring the universe

Bringing 1,000 worlds closer.


Bethesda Game Studios built its world-class reputation by creating game worlds with unparalleled immersion and freedom.

As the studio’s first new franchise in over 25 years, Starfield had to prove it was the next evolution of that legacy and establish its voice in a saturated science fiction genre.

Bethesda Softworks collaborated closely with AKQA to develop a comprehensive content campaign to demonstrate that Starfield’s depth would eclipse all that had come before, with each piece designed to establish and expand the all-new universe of Starfield.


The Settled Systems introduced a taste of Starfield’s planets and cultures through three animated short films.

Stories expanded on existing world lore, hinted at the adventures players could create on their journeys among the stars, and emphasised the human stories at the centre of Starfield’s take on space science fiction.

To pull gamers in further, Into the Starfield delivered a series of looks at the craftsmanship put into every aspect of the game. In each episode, game team members shared their motivations and inspirations, helping to celebrate the decades of work behind Starfield. That approach culminated in Starfield Direct, an unprecedented deep dive into the game hosted by the team behind its creation.

Constellation, the in-world group of explorers that players join at the game’s beginning, was brought to life through a digital community program launched more than two years prior to the game’s release. Joining Constellation online introduced fans to the tone and granted them early access to exclusive content.

Starfield-ION Chronomark thumb

The established visual identity was incorporated into Starfield’s Collector’s Edition, which made its way into the hands of the game’s biggest fans and included a working replica of the Chronomark watch. For the lucky recipients of the sell-out Collector’s Edition, AKQA created a trailer that acted as an in-world advertisement introducing the Chronomark watch.

Finally, a set of social content series introduced gamers to the places and companions awaiting them in the game, showcasing Starfield’s unique take on humanity’s future in space.


The worldbuilding efforts generated millions of views and hours of engagements, attracted hundreds of press articles, and gave fans valuable new information about the game to explore and discuss.

Original content for an original universe paid off, proving that Starfield was the next great leap in role-playing games and a worthy continuation of Bethesda’s legacy, helping to make Starfield Bethesda’s biggest release of all time.