Nike 50th Anniversary

Never Done Rising

The rise of women’s football.


An autograph is a representation of success.

In sports, it’s common for athletes to sign apparel and other items as they reach stardom. The signed items are of extreme value, not only monetary but also symbolical.

Nike took the power of an autograph to place young female footballers in newspaper headlines, Google searches, Reddit threads, so eventually, everyone would want their signature.

Never Done Rising - Video Thumb


Meet the phenomenons in the making.

A social film tells the story of past football rockstars and elevates the playground superstars that will take the lead in the future. A journey through the legacy of female football unveils signed artefacts that witnessed glory.


A podium to uplift playground superstars.

Pro athletes’ memorabilia inside Nike’s DNA are displayed, autographed by footballers Mia Hamm, Megan Rapinoe, Marie Katoto, and others. Three new signed artefacts are also revealed of promising young athletes already making waves: Felicitas, Olivia and Esmee.