Safe Space

A digital solution that raises awareness of hate crime.

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Too often, incidents of hate crime in the LGBTQ+ community go unreported.

This is due to victims not realising what constitutes a hate crime or because the journey to reporting is typically difficult; victims may need to relive the incident, and reporting may involve the police. New research from Vodafone found that an overwhelming 87% of LGBTQ+ respondents said they would welcome a simple method, like an app, to report such incidents and access support when needed most.


Empowering the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

Vodafone Foundation, in partnership with Stonewall and Galop, envisioned a reporting journey that was fast, reassuring and instantly connected victims to the best support available, underpinned by a series of co-creation workshops and focus groups to understand the positive experience visitors could expect from using the service.

Leveraging a new visual identity, together with clear principles and tone of voice, Zoteria provides a far more accurate view on the extent of hate crimes across the UK. Anonymised regional and city data is available to local authorities so they can better understand the issue within their region. Data also helps highlight the issues faced by LGBTQ+ people from ethnic minorities, with recent UK studies suggesting specific barriers to support and wellbeing from the impact of racism and homophobia.

The app provides access to vital support services, including LGBTQ+ advice, mental health, sexual health services, and information on local LGBTQ+ events to help people stay connected with their communities.


An often unheard voice becomes louder and prouder.

Together with Vodafone Foundation, AKQA Leap created the first user-friendly app for reporting hate crime, gaining access to support services and connecting with the wider LGBTQ+ community.

As Vodafone Foundation introduces Zoteria into more markets, the aim is to create an increasingly safer world for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

With every new incident reported, and with every support service offered, the empowering connection within a community is strengthened.

We wanted to create an app that encourages the community and its allies to step up, come together and be empowered.

Nancy Kelley, Chief Executive, Stonewall