H&M Looop wins Fast Company World Changing Idea Award


H&M Looop has won the Experimental category; is recognised as a Finalist in the Best World Changing Idea EMEA category and also receives honourable mention in the General Excellence category.

Joining forces to envision the digital experience and architectural design, AKQA and Universal’s approach is to echo a creative atelier, celebrating the craft and process at the core of the new technology.

“We are really happy to see the Looop coming out as winner in 2021 World Changing Ideas” said H&M Head of Sustainability Pascal Brun. “H&M is constantly exploring new technologies and innovative solutions. It’s essential in order to become a circular business and lead the transformation of the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future and to get customers on board is the key to achieve real change.”

H&M invites customers to transform previously-owned clothing into a new garment, without the use of water or chemicals. Housed in a stunning glass box designed by Universal, visitors can remake an old item of clothing with the Looop technology. Selecting one of eight new, ready-to-wear designs, configured through the app, Looop visibly recycles an old garment into new. Jason Holley Universal’s Principle said: “H&M Looop is a seminal moment for high street retail, with sustainability positioned at the forefront of the consumer experience. Collaborating on this project is a pivotal moment in bridging the gap between physical and digital design.”

The Looop is an important step in starting a dialogue on what’s possible and spark an interest in sustainability for an increased demand for sustainable fashion.

Pascal Brun, H&M Head of Sustainability

The innovative technology behind H&M’s Looop has been developed by the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) in collaboration with the non-profit H&M Foundation. As of now, Looop is the only in-store recycling machine, but HKRITA will license the technology widely.