Graffiti Stores wins Grand Prix at Cannes Lions

Nike Graffiti Stores Lock Up Wide

Nike’s latest Air Max launch, created by AKQA to transform graffiti walls into Nike stores, has won Grand Prix at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. AKQA São Paulo has been awarded in the Media Lions’ Social Behaviour and Cultural Insight category, which recognises initiatives that draw inspiration from defined communities. It is AKQA’s second Grand Prix win in the 2019 Cannes celebration.

The award-winning project saw São Paulo’s graffiti artists update their existing works with the new Nike Air Max range featuring frequent launches each week, across neighbourhoods. The actual Nike Air Max models were then exclusively available pre-sale by visiting the works using geolocation to purchase. As an extra reward, an animated film starring the graffiti character wearing the shoes was also made available.

The city’s governor had erased hundreds of street art pieces, which forced the project’s artists to simply update existing works. However, during the project, the governor was convicted for damaging cultural heritage, and with the court-backing of a reinvigorated legitimate license championing the artists, six iconic characters that were previously erased, were resurrected.

AKQA Executive Creative Director Diego Machado said: “It’s a wonderful privilege to have the opportunity to contribute to the culture of a beautiful city, by giving love to an art that had been unjustly excluded, but now is receiving global recognition.” He added: “With a relationship that spans over two decades, Nike is a part of AKQA’s soul and gives this Grand Prix victory special meaning for everyone of us. We thank Nike Brazil for bravely supporting the idea with the same courageous spirit that defines the legendary Air Max.”

AKQA Executive Creative Director Hugo Veiga said: “It’s ironic to win the Media Grand Prix when AKQA is the only agency in Brazil that doesn’t buy any media! This fantastic win reinforces the truth that creativity has no boundaries of place nor position.”

Nike Graffiti Stores proved a successful platform for the Air Max releases with all models sold out, and the murals forever embedded in São Paulo’s cultural heritage.

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