Designed for exploration

Worthy of a new universe.

ION CS Brand Header


Starfield is the first new universe from Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years.

As a new IP, the slate was blank, underscoring the need for an original brand strategy, vision, and visual system that could unite in-game content, marketing and other communications. Together, AKQA and Bethesda Softworks defined all of these and more, all while the game was being built, planning for materials and deliverables that were years away from creation.

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A call to those who look beyond their earthly boundaries and dare to dream.

A distinct identity emerged from the brand spirit “forever in adventure”, charting a course for the art direction, logo, animation, key art, and supporting materials. Connecting the work was a set of guiding principles that ensured all materials were scientifically inspired, grounded in warmth, unapologetically optimistic and ambitiously daring.


The highest compliment any brand can receive is instant recognisability. Pre-launch, Starfield came to occupy a place in the public’s collective consciousness with a strong sense of its own identity.

With precious few in-game looks available to the public, the pressure on assets to drive anticipation was high. Fans, critics and the media alike enjoyed what they saw, launching expectations exactly where Starfield aimed to take players: into another universe.

6 million day one players
10 million players after two weeks