Sir Paul Smith

Design For Life


“You can find inspiration in everything (and if you can’t, you’re not looking properly).”

Britain’s foremost fashion designer, Sir Paul Smith, joined AKQA clients and team for an inspirational talk at London’s Design Museum. Following an introduction by Design Museum Director Deyan Sudjic, Sir Paul discussed his approach to creativity, collaboration and commercial success.

Tracing his company’s journey from a tiny, windowless Nottingham studio to international prominence, Sir Paul emphasised the importance of making time to do the work we love most. Discussing his passion for collecting, he talked of seeking ideas from the world around us, and shared the inspiration behind some of his most famous designs – from postage stamps and tissue paper, to art, architecture, travel and photography. On the enduring success of his signature ‘classic with a twist’ designs, Sir Paul reflected on how individuality is vital to commercial longevity, and how nurturing a childlike mindset – of curiosity, honesty, playfulness and simplicity – consistently leads to unique, innovative ideas.