AKQA and Guests

Mind Games


“Data doesn’t lie. But humans often aren’t analyzing the data correctly, especially with some of the new data science techniques.”

The AKQA New York office hosted an AKQA Insight titled ‘Mind Games’. Clients joined AKQA Head of Emerging Technologies Andy Hood, Group Analytics Director Melissa Zimyeski and Group Creative Director Jon Reiling for a series of talks that explored the human mind. Whilst it has long been the ultimate frontier for discovery and exploration, we’ve only just begun to unveil its full capability.

Jon Reiling discussed how brands can imbue their process with experimentation and creativity that could lead to unexpected connections before Melissa Zimyeski talked about how brands can learn and adapt based on human processes. Andy Hood then moderated a panel discussion around the potential of data science and AI for brands, with industry experts David Garcia from Verizon; Athena Maikish from StubHub; and Alex Bodman from Spotify.

Results from a live experiment conducted during Jon’s presentation with EEG readers were presented to the audience.