Lily Cole

Who Cares Wins


“As we create a more just society, we are likely to have a more sustainable relationship with the natural world”

We are the ancestors of our future; a generation who will either be celebrated for its activism or blamed for its apathy, and we have the opportunity to rebuild in a way that benefits society and ecology. What can we learn about sustainability from the diversity, wisdom and value systems of the oldest communities on earth? What is planet-centric design and why must we incorporate it into design thinking?

In this episode of AKQA Insight Lily Cole joins Alisia Muscat, Managing Director of AKQA in Australia and New Zealand, for a conversation about her book Who Cares Wins: A Case for Optimism in Our Changing World, which features interviews with Sir David Attenborough, Elon Musk and Extinction Rebellion co-founder Dr Gail Bradbrook.

Immediately recognisable as one of the world’s top models, Lily has appeared on stage and screen since the age of 16. In 2013 she co-founded, a B-Corp certified company that uses technology to solve social and environmental problems. She holds an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Glasgow for her contribution to humanitarian and environmental causes, has spoken at Davos and is a patron of the Environmental Justice Foundation.