AKQA Journal

Curiosity kindled.

In an industry that rarely looks back, AKQA Journal is our opportunity to reflect and share a moment in time. Printed and bound, featuring projects across our studios. The final edition of AKQA Journal was issue 10.

AKQA Book-Hero Cover
Introducing AKQA’s family album

The calm before the calm

Journal 10 High res cover crop
Journal 10

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Creativity and Intention. Artistry and Desire. homepage-thumbnail-large-3
Journal 9

Creativity and intention. Artistry and desire.

The future, faster homepage-feature-extra-large-5
Journal 8

The future, faster.

Curiosity Kindled, AKQA Journal edition 7 arrives homepage-feature-extra-large
Journal 7

Curiosity kindled.

AKQA Journal – edition 6 main-large
Journal 6

In perpetual motion.

AKQA Journal – edition 5 main-large-2
Journal 5

In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities.

Journal 4 image
Journal 4

The simple will always displace the complex.

Journal 3 main-large
Journal 3

The future is an invisible playground.

AKQA Journal – edition 2 main-large-6
Journal 2

The most powerful technology in the universe isn’t technology. It’s imagination.