AKQA wins eight Clio Sports awards

AKQA has received eight Clio Sports awards including three Gold Clio’s for Nike Never Done Evolving and Never Done Making History honouring sports innovation and communication around the world.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Clios

Never Done Evolving, Nike

Nike and AKQA studios in Melbourne, Portland and São Paulo travel back in time to create a one of a kind match-up. The match-up had Serena from her first Grand Slam at the 1999 US Open against her most recent at the 2017 Australian Open. The vision was to compare how Serena started to where she is now. The foundation of this harnesses advanced AI and machine learning to replicate each era’s playing style which visually encapsulates Serena Williams’ evolution like never before.

Never Done Evolving has won two Gold Clio’s in the Artificial Intelligence and Digital categories, followed by one Silver Clio in the Athlete Storytelling category and Bronze Clio for the Creative Use of Data. Continuing its notable reputation in the world of sport.

Serena-case thumb
Nike 50th Anniversary – Never Done Evolving

Gold and Bronze Clios

Never Done Making History, Nike

Nike collaborated with AKQA to commission a large-scale art installation that was made entirely out of individual track spikes. The astonishing piece portrays a renowned moment in history of when the Tigerbelles were crossing the finish line during the national AAU Track and Field Championships in June 1978 taking the first world record for a Nike sponsored team. The Tigerbelles are not only pioneers in their sport but for the civil rights movement and female athletes around the world. From an era of remarkable achievements to a more inclusive future.

This project was recognised with one Gold Clio in the Design category, as well as two Bronze Clio’s in the Experiential and Out of Home Category.

Bronze Clio

Champions Evolve, Infosys

Infosys and AKQA combine traditional production techniques and proprietary AI reconstruction to showcase two tennis icons with one powerful story. Rafa Nadal and Iga Świątek take centre court in a global campaign that features a seamless evolution of the extraordinary athletes. The campaign captures Rafael’s story by featuring five different iterations through the ages while Iga’s story displays her ability to adapt her game within a single match.

Champions Evolve recieves a Bronze Clio in the Branded Content category. Its digital expertise has transformed the tennis experience and empowers players across the world.