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Celebrating Black Excellence

Stories of dimension.

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The Celebrating Black Excellence series illuminates our Black and African diasporic employees’ multidimensional stories, reflections and achievements.

The series features Black employees from across our global studios.

“I am Black and proof of my ancestors’ wildest dreams.”

Jabari Kamau Hearn, Managing Partner, Los Angeles

“The most inspiring part about the Black community is seeing how much diversity exists among Black people regarding their talents, personalities, hobbies, styles, backgrounds, and more. I also feel inspired by Black people who are unapologetically themselves and live passionately. Belonging to this community means having an unspoken bond and understanding of each other based on our shared values and experiences.”

Kira Porter, Project Coordinator, Atlanta

“I am Black and the manifestation of my ancestors. Historically, the marketing and advertising industry has struggled with diverse representation. At AKQA, I’m given the opportunity to manage and influence our nation’s largest brands and contribute a unique and diverse perspective to push creativity and innovation to the next level helping pave the way for future generations.”

Tynisha Carter, Senior Project Manager, New York

“I am not as inspired by the heights we have risen as by the depth we have climbed. Historically, Black people have been suppressed and oppressed in nearly every form imaginable from years of slavery to the Jim Crow era. Despite all the obstacles placed in our way, we continue to excel and break barriers opening doors that were once closed and paving the way for future generations.”

LaWanda Ratcliffe, Senior Resource Manager, Atlanta